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Get COVID-19 Prepared

All the Quality Products to Protect your Workplace and Home Shop Now

WeedOut - The Organic Weedkiller

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Euka® - The Natural Eucalyptus Disinfectant

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COVID-19 Protective equipment & Sanitisers

Face Masks

Protect you & your family by wearing quality face masks to prevent transmission of airborne bacterias & viruses.

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Wipe down common touch points using proven hospital-grade wipes. Perfect for Pubs, Clubs, Healthcare and Gyms.

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Hand Sanitisers

Keep your hands clean with
Australian-made Hand Sanitisers available from 500 ml pump packs up-to 5 Ltrs.

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Our Mission

To be the trusted difference in cleaning and hygiene.

About Us

Commercial Cleaning Chemicals Online

There has never been a more important time to maintain the presentation of your facilities and its surroundings. However, keeping a home or business clean and well presented doesn’t have to cost the earth if you don’t know where to get your cleaning chemicals online. At Prochem, we’ll help to look after you, your home and business with trusted cleaning chemical brands, certified PPEs and proven products. When you buy from Prochem, you know you are getting products everyone trusts. 

Why Choose Prochem?

Prochem is one of the leading cleaning product suppliers and chemical innovators in Australia for more than 20 years now. Our company has been providing proven cleaning and disinfecting solutions since its inception back in 2000. With COVID-19 pandemic still looming over us, we have doubled our efforts to look after you with quality products and the best service. 

Our COVID-19 Essentials 

From March 2020, we at Prochem have lined up COVID-19 personal protective equipment & sanitisers for you to ensure you are adequately protected during the nationwide lockdown. We have everything that you need such as surgical masks, N95 masks, disinfectants, safety goggles, shoe-cover, detergent wipes etc for everyone’s safety against the virus. 

Hospital Grade Cleaning Products 

During the nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown, we have worked with numerous Australian chemical suppliers to ensure key products hand sanitisers and disinfectants were available to all our customers. Whiteley Viraclean was one of the first disinfectants certified to kill COVID-19 virus on hard surfaces and Prochem was one of the first suppliers to offer the cleaning chemicals online at a reasonable price. As a trusted supplier to hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and aged care, we strived to operate with integrity when our customer relied on us the most. 

Other Industries

Apart from hospitals, we specialise in providing cleaning chemicals for food manufacturing and aged care homes. Over the years, we have made large investments into innovative products for industrial and commercial uses, looking at ways for more effectively safer cleaning. Prochem has partnered with DEMA to provide safe and effective dispensing chemical solutions for more efficient and safe outcomes. 

Our Commitment 

Prochem understands the importance of trust  when people buy cleaning chemicals online. As a result, our website has been specifically designed to be user-friendly and accessible from your computer, tablet or phone. Our company values is to provide quality products,has never compromised on the quality of the product and safety of our customers. We have always gone out on a limb to provide you the highest quality of commercial cleaning chemicals. 

Forget the other cleaning product suppliers. Visit Prochem and place your next order of cleaning chemicals and other essentials with us.



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