Aged Care

Aged Care: Cleaning and Sanitation Product Supplier

Support and Service

In any residential aged care environment, the uncompromising focus on supporting and caring for its residents is always paramount.

Prochem is here to help and support all aged care operators by providing a practical approach to help streamline their daily operations.


The Essential Partnership

Imagine having a working partner to simplify the most common but essential tasks, offering a convenient and hassle free package to make your facility operate more seamlessly.

Over the years of supplying cleaning chemicals to aged care homes, we recognised that our clients had very different needs:

  • Shortage of any consumables could cause the spread of infectious diseases to staff and residents
  • Facility staff were often time poor and juggled between different roles
  • Monthly cost fluctuations made budgeting difficult to forecast and be accountable for
  • The search for expertise in consumable and clinical products were hard to find

We are the pioneer in our industry to offer a monthly fixed cost package tailored for the Aged Care industry. By understanding our customers needs, we have helped our clients refocus on their vision - to provide the best care possible.

Let us help you refocus on your core business - offering greater consumer dignity and choice without any compromise.

Want to know more?

We would love to show you how we have helped give aged care operators the peace of mind in managing their hygiene systems, consumables and compliance.