Floor Care

Over the years, we have partnered with Peerless Jal to provide products that have been specially designed for floor care. Their vast range of innovative floor care products, training and expertise makes them the simple choice when deciding which products to use for that impressionable finish. 

For a successful floor care program, there are 3 product stages that needs to be considered:

  1. Floor preparation
  2. Floor finish
  3. Floor maintenance/cleaning product and equipment

Contact Us to organise an obligation-free consultation with a Peerless Jal representative to get the most appropriate floor care systems for:

  • Timber Flooring
  • Concrete and Hard Stone Flooring
  • Hard and Resilient Floors
  • Timber Decking


Peerless Jal Hy-Series

Peerless Jal Hy-series is a technology where acrylics and urethanes are intimately mixed and mutually polymerised in an aqueous dispersion. For the first time, a full range of waterborne hybrid  technology coatings for a wide variety of substrates. Featuring advanced technologies that eliminate solvents that pose a risk to you and cause damage to your environment.

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